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This page is informational only.  Any questions that are not answered here should be directed to the Dane County Medical Examiner's Office at (608) 284-6000.


Are you leaving the county with a deceased person?  Regardless of whether the family has decided upon cremation or a traditional burial, we would suggest that you stop by our office for an examination before leaving the county.  Families often change their minds regarding a traditional burial when they meet with the funeral home.  If this occurs and the body was not viewed by our office, the funeral home will be required to bring the body back to Dane County for a viewing. There are no exceptions.

Please call ahead to assure that there is an investigator available.  There is no charge for the viewing.  Our office is located at:

Dane County Medical Examiner's Office
7501 Luds Lane
McFarland, WI  53558
(608) 284-6000


The fee for a cremation permit for the Dane County Medical Examiner's Office is $347.  Checks should be made payable to the Dane County Treasurer and returned to us at the address above.

Cremation Permits

To obtain a cremation permit, please fax a copy of the 2 page Death Worksheet from SVRIS to (608) 284-6015.  PLEASE PLACE YOUR RETURN FAX NUMBER ON THE WORKSHEET OR ON A COVER PAGE.  We will fax the permit to you usually the same day.  Note that a cremation examination must have occurred and the worksheet must be complete including medical certifier signature.  We appreciate your forwarding payment without the prompt of an additional invoice. When we receive your payment of $347, we will mail you the original which also acts as your receipt.  Your prompt payment is appreciated.

If the deceased individual is eligible for the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aid Program, please fax us the email from the State of Wisconsin indicating potential eligibility.  The State will provide this form to you immediately upon your phone verification of potential eligibility.  We will then waive the $347 permit fee.

Note the permit fee is waived for children under the age of one (1) year.